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A4 - £30 signed photo
A3 - £60 signed photo
A2 - £120 signed photo
Many other options available from smaller prints to canvas, online license usage, etc.
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About Jacques le Roux:
Originating from Cape Town, South Africa. Now living just outside Edinburgh, Scotland.

I got into photography by accident thanks to a remark by a friend of mine. He was looking through my photos on DeviantArt and said I have the eye for photography. After that comment I took the time to go through my photos in more detail. I found some that looked very good and of course some that looked very poor.
The positives outweighted the negatives and I was hooked and in 2011 I bought my first DSLR. I ended up at the race track taking photos, that grew into a small business. I was learning and improving every time I was at the race track but felt I needed to get out
and do other sectors of photography.

When I started going on photo shoots I created a blog ( to document my progress as I started down the path to become a all-rounded photographer.
I am still using it today.
After four years at the race track it was time to concentrate more on my other photography work as I was enjoying going out on shoots away from the race track more and more. 

This website is to share the best of that work and hopefully people will be interested to purchase some images to keep.

If you would like to contact me please email me on [email protected]

Landscape, Sports/Action, Nature, Photojournalism photographer based in Edinburgh, Scotland.

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